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Luzcar is a Algarve Car Hire company that has been based in Lagos, Algarve for over 30 years.

Our family atmosphere allows us to always be ready to help and inform our customers and friends.

Our company with services in Algarve car hire and rentals and is oriented to the future, combining new information technologies with the loyalty of its customers and friends, so that there is great cooperation and mutual respect.

We began 32 years ago with 25 vehicles for hire, and now we have a fleet of more than 800 vehicles to rent, with which we can guarantee to honour all our confirmed bookings. This makes us proud and ambitious. We hope to reach 1,000 vehicles in the near future, always counting on the help of our employees, customers and friends. Only in this way can we offer a more wide-ranging and better quality service. Your best choice for car hire in the Algarve.

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  • Airport tax

    The Airport Tax charged to the clients will be 15 EUR and includes Portuguese VAT . This Tax will allow the client to collect and return the car to Car Park RAC (former Car Park4).
  • Algarve

    A region in the south of Portugal, crossed by a vast sea of shades of blue, the Algarve is internationally known for its mild and sunny climate, beaches, quality tourism, the cosmopolitan life of its people and city life, which ensure entertainment all year. But in truth, the Algarve region is this and much more. And everything is so close by, waiting to be discovered.
  • Lagos

    Lagos: city of all discoveries As expected, it is the beaches that attract numerous domestic and international tourists to the municipality of Lagos, especially during the months of the so-called high season. July, August and September are red hot in Lagos, but the charm of this city and its unique characteristics invite you to stay longer to take advantage of the arrival of spring, or the quiet days of September and October spent by the seaside. The entire coastline of the Algarve municipality of Lagos is one of singular beauty. The bay that enters the city, Meia Praia, with its extensive sands, the Batata and Pinhão, D. Ana, Porto de Mós beaches, and other small beaches, some difficult to access but even so favoured by those who seek peaceful contact with nature, are this special city’s visiting card. From time immemorial, it has been a point of major importance, enough to give rise to its first settlement more than two thousand years ago. Over the centuries, Lagos has been, for example, Lacobriga to the Romans and Zawaia to the Moors. The story goes that the Order of Christ fought a sea war against Islam, and its top official, Prince Henry, also known as the 'Infante de Sagres' or ‘the Navigator', at some point settled in Lagos and never left. In 1434, Gil Eanes left the city of Lagos for other continents, and so it is fair to say that this was the birthplace of the great epic of the Discoveries. A strategic port and trading centre, Lagos was abandoned and suffered many vicissitudes over the centuries. There was the earthquake of 1 November 1755, and ensuing tsunami, which swept away a large part of the city and its surroundings. Even so, Lagos has developed through harmonious coexistence between the history it has managed to restore and maintain, and the vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan culture that characterises it today. The city walls, with their turrets, are striking and majestic. At the top of the Avenida dos Descobrimentos, along the Solaria w