General Conditions

Dear Customer,

We have been informed by the Portuguese airport authority ANA (which is currently owned and operated by the private French consortium VINCI) that there will be an Airport Tax for all operating rent-a cars which will be applied to all clients that  collect and return their vehicles to the airport car park. This charge will be effective from 1st March 2015.

The Airport Tax charged to the clients will be 15 EUR and includes Portuguese VAT . This Tax will allow the client to collect and return the car to Car Park RAC (former Car Park4).

The car park RAC cannot be used as a normal public car park so if you are going to the Airport to pick someone, you must use the other public car park, or you will be charged the tariff of 4.5 euros for the first 30 minutes and after, 1 euro for each 15 minutes ( July, August and September is double price).

This will applied to every car hire supplier at Faro Airport using Car Park RAC (former Car Park 4) and not just to those who operate with Luzcar.

We and the local car hire companies are currently taking legal action against the airport to avoid this fee in the future, but for the mean time we must charge this to all customers.

For clients that arrive after 20:00 please contact us for new instructions.

We can only apologise for the short notice given.


Yours sincerely,

Luis Rodrigues

General Manager Luzcar team

Types of vehicles
All makes and models of motor vehicles on the website are for illustrative purposes only in relation to the characteristics of the car to be rented. We cannot guarantee that the make and model of vehicle chosen will be the same as shown on the website at the time of booking. We only guarantee the rental of a motor vehicle of the same range and with the same characteristics.

Drivers’ ages and driving licence
The minimum age for renting motor vehicles is 21 and the driver must have had their driving licence for more than 2 years. If the driving licence was not issued using the Latin alphabet (i.e. in Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese), an International Driving Permit (IDP) will be required attached to the original driving licence.

Additional drivers
All additional drivers included under this rental contract must comply with the rules mentioned in the preceding item.

Vehicle accidents
In the event of an accident, calling the authorities (112) and filling in the accident report is mandatory (whether or not the accident was the fault of the driver). Should it be proven that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, the customer shall be liable to pay all costs for damage caused to the motor vehicle.

Insurance cover
The prices shown include insurance against all risks (CDW, Super CDW, TDW).

Fuel policy
No fuel deposit is required.
Customers should return vehicles with the same quantity of fuel as when they were picked up.

Mileage policy
Unlimited mileage.

Border crossing policy
Only crossing the border between Portugal and Spain is permitted.

Payment methods
The rental contract may be paid by credit card - American Express, MasterCard, Visa - debit card or cash (EUR).

Special Group Bookings (F,H,L)
To confirm a booking for special groups F, H and L, a deposit of 50% of the value of the booking will be necessary.
The deposit paid is non-returnable in the event of cancellation.

Information on the calculation of prices
The site provides a price calculator on the bookings page.